A little bit about me and the Hummingbird Ring.My name is Chris Smith and I am a serial inventor and have been working on a new and unique hummingbird feeder. I hold three U.S. patents and the hummingbird ring will be my 4th, I am a graphic designer as well as a fireman, E.M.T., and diver for the last 20 years. I am also a husband and the father of three amazing daughters, step daughter and step son.
     In March of 2017 I placed my new hummingbird feeder outside in hopes the hummingbirds had arrived. While sitting on the deck enjoying a warm Spring day the light bulb in my head went on again and the Hummingbird Ring was born.
     The original feeder I was working on for the last 2 years was put aside temporarily and the Hummingbird Ring took front and center. I designed the ring and printed it on my 3D printer to test different styles and sizes. Once satisfied with the design I began testing. I placed the Hummingbird Ring outside in a small glass to attract them. They took to the ring fairly quickly. While watching the hummingbirds through the window I decided to introduce himself to the mix. Within 10 minutes the hummingbird was drinking from the Hummingbird Ring while I was wearing it. I knew I had a winner!